Nature of Wars Changed: Human Factor in Army Should Be Eliminated

  • Country - 30 September 2016, 22:22
Since the April war Masys, an IT company, has created an armed forces management system together with the Ministry of Defense. The founder of the company Armen Manukyan says when the enemy shook us a little in April, we woke up, and a lot of work is being done today. April made some people understand that there are more important things than parties.

The expert says the structures of armies in the country have been revolutionized in the past 20 years. Before the big and the strong won now the small wins if it is flexible, has a sharp instrument and is fast, piercing the enemy from all sides.

According to the specialist, today the human factor must be eliminated in our army, the world is going through this process, robots on both sides are fighting against each other.

This period, he says, is history-making in the sense what basis we will create. If the basis is wrong, there will be problems in the future.

“In this era the wars have changed, these are technological wars. The wars are in economy and psychology, if you do not win the psychology war, you cannot win the economy war, and if you do not win the economy war, you cannot win the physical war, you cannot have the strength to hit. Formerly the strong king won and imposed his culture, today technology rules in the world, weapons are not enough to fight,” Armen Manukyan says.

Not opening the brackets, the specialist only said that at this stage the IT professionals are doing a good job in cooperation with the army. However, we need to work together to achieve results.

“There is a problem with creating collective mind, there is an issue of internal harmony. If we are able to resolve the problems inside, we will solve a lot of problems outside,” he said.