Blast in Armenian District in Aleppo Killed and Injured Several

  • Country - 30 September 2016, 19:31
In the morning of September 30 the districts of Aleppo called New Village and Vilanner populated by Armenians were shelled by the armed militants, the editorial office of Gandzasar Weekly based in Aleppo informed Armenpress.

The students of Azg Patsparan in New Village have been taken to safer places. The militants shelled Vilanner. A rocket blasted above an apartment close to Saint Mary Church killing and injuring several Armenians. The number of Armenians killed in the result of the shelling in Aleppo, Syria has amounted to four. Their names are Hasmik Kirakosyan-Perechiklyan, Tsila Chapaghjuryan, Arman Hintoyan and Mirelle Hintoyan. The names of the injured are Garnik Karapetyan, Tsovik Gapikyan, Betty Lakhoyan-Hintoyan, Movses Hintoyan, Nazar Zarminyan.

The ambulance service officers have taken the injured to hospital. The management of Karen Jeppe Lyceum have taken the students to the basement.