PM Karapetyan's Fantastic Task

  • Country - 24 September 2016, 18:40
In the previous meeting of government Karen Karapetyan called on the members of government to stop primitive stealing. “Here is a task: we are going to choose rather complicated mechanisms to eliminate primitive stealing. Eliminate primitive stealing, put everything in your systems to order.”

It is, actually, announced at the level of the prime minister that there is stealing in the ministries. He meant the procurement of air tickets. It is known that a lot of money is “disposed” in connection with these tickets, and this is the way in all the spheres where open, “primitive” stealing is taking place under the “aegis” of the high-ranking officials.

The prime minister’s statement is, to some extent, a report on crime. Will the law enforcement agencies take action?

In addition, the prime minister means the ministers, hinting that they at least shut an eye on this, even if they do not have their own interests. One can imagine how they are going to put an end to this.

The “primitive stealing” mentioned by the prime minister is one of the parts of bigger stealing because in Armenia corruption is systemic. The elimination of stealing at this level will shake the system.

Both Karen Karapetyan and Serzh Sargsyan have announced that systemic changes start in Armenia. One has to figure out what they mean by saying systemic change. They may mean both a process with public perceptions and transformation of the ruling system.

It will be seen in the future. In the meantime, Karen Karapetyan says complex mechanisms will be created to eliminate primitive stealing. The criminal-oligarchic segment with its backward and primitive methods and schemes of governance which failed its “peaceful transformation” thereby deepening the crisis is being removed from government. It will be replaced by a technocrat government with its own philosophy and approaches to handling and redistributing money which will obviously “complicate” the schemes.

What will this complication mean? Conserving the system in one modification or another or forming a new economic and political environment?