Prime Minister Explained Logic of Changes in Government Structure

  • Country - 22 September 2016, 23:34
In today’s meeting of government Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan explained the logic of the proposed changes in the structure of the government. Note that some changes are suggested in the cabinet which are to be discussed in the upcoming meeting of parliament.

“How do we explain the renaming of the ministry of economy? Many economists may give whether economy disappears or not. However, we would like to emphasize for the entrepreneur, the investor that you have an agency where you come to present your complaints, demands, wishes, objections. And that agency leads the businessman by hand to make sure no obstacles are created for them. In order to support our entrepreneurs and investments we need a real economy. In other words, if there is not a word as economy, it does not mean it is not doing entrepreneurship,” Karen Karapetyan said.

The prime minister said that the State Water Cadastre which was in the structure of the Ministry of Agriculture will be moved to the Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources.

The Ministry of Communication, Transport and Information Technology will also coordinate the activities of the IT sector.

“Because the Ministry of Economy is becoming universal, it is illogical to leave the specific IT sector there. IT is close to communication, our line minister is aware, I think it will be correct if he leads. I don’t want you to have the impression that we are doing it subjectively, at the expense of the new manager. No, it is logical to have IT and communication in one place,” the Prime Minister said.

He said it is also logical to have the line ministry dealing with transport coordinate aviation. The Civil Aviation will report to this ministry.

“It is necessary to create a core in the aviation sector because we have a lot of issues in this sector,” he said.

The tourism sector is also separated from the Ministry of Economy, a committee for tourism is set up, and, according to the prime minister, a target number of tourists will be set for the person who will be heading the sector.

“In this respect, we are behind of our neighbor country, the numbers cannot be compared. I don’t think that we have fewer opportunities to host more tourists,” the prime minister said.

As to the elimination of the Ministry of Urban Planning, the prime minister said a Committee to Preserve Architecture and Cultural Values is created.

“I know about the opinion of the minister of culture that this is wrong, and culture must be preserved correctly because architects are more aggressive, are modern, they will change the culture but we want to have more specialization in this sector,” Karen Karapetyan said.