Republicans Won Local Elections in 161 Communities

  • Country - 19 September 2016, 23:02
The representatives of the Republican Party won the municipal elections in 161 communities on September 18.

Ruben Tadevosyan, the head of organizational committee of the Republican Party, told Armenpress that his party took part actively in the local elections in 237 communities in Armenia.

“We did not nominate candidates in all the communities but we nominated and supported people who are not members of the party. More than 20 of them have won,” Tadevosyan said.

The Republicans lost in around 20 communities. The head of the organizational committee of the Republican Party thinks this is the result of fair competition.

Ruben commented on rumors that the Republicans lost the local elections. He denies the rumors, referring to the recorded results. He underlined that a comparison of the scope of participation and results of other parties will reveal the big picture.