Seiran Ohanyan's Strong Decision

  • Country - 15 September 2016, 13:14
The Armenian minister of defense Seiran Ohanyan is rumored to be reluctant to be the next CSTO Secretary General. In October the meeting of CSTO Board is envisaged in Yerevan during which, as earlier the secretary general of this organization announced, the next secretary general will be affirmed. The Russian media reported that the next secretary general will be Seiran Ohanyan.

Ohanyan’s spokesperson refused to comment on this information.

Seiran Ohanyan’s refusal will be a strong step, whether he stays in his position or not.

Ohanyan knows better what CSTO is and has experienced it. This organization as a bloc does not exist, it is just a means of legitimization of Russia’s plans. CSTO has never fulfilled its commitments to Armenia. Moreover, the agreements signed within the framework of this bloc essentially limit the defense capacity of Armenia.

CSTO is directly responsible for the April war and the blood of the soldiers shed in that war. The point is that if it had been an alliance and fulfilled its commitments, the war would not happen. Azerbaijan will never attack unless it has the guarantees of CSTO and particularly Russia.

Especially after the April war a quite specific attitude has formed in regard to Russia, and on the one hand, now Moscow is looking for ways to win over the Armenians, and on the other hand, what is more important, to avoid responsibility for future developments.

During his tenure Seiran Ohanyan maintained the sovereignty of the Armenian army, which enabled us to prevent the Azerbaijani aggression and thwart the Russian-Azerbaijani plan of April. Afterwards, Moscow set out to eliminate that “obstacle”, i.e. the “absorption” of the Armenian army. Some agreements were signed, and the army and its leadership did not oppose to that.

Seiran Ohanyan’s affirmation in the post of CSTO Secretary General would be the logical continuation and legitimization of these processes, considering his reputation and experience. If they want it so much, they can appoint Yuri Khachaturov or Haik Kotanjyan.