Republicans Recommended Karen Karapetyan for Prime Minister: Armen Ashotyan

  • Country - 08 September 2016, 22:40
During the meetings of the RPA Executive Body and Board the Republicans nominated Karen Karapetyan for the post of prime minister, the deputy head of the RPA Armen Ashotyan told reporters after the RPA board meeting.

He said Karen Karapetyan was selected because it is believed that considering his experience in the municipality, as well as in other spheres, his managerial skills and personal qualities will allow him to trigger change. The new government will be formed within the period prescribed by the Constitution which will submit its program to the National Assembly.

In answer to the question on which ministers will leave office, Ashotyan said the cabinet and portfolios were not discussed. There are deadlines, the decision will be made within the framework of the coalition agreement.

“There will be serious changes in the governance, specific issues were not discussed. The future government will be a team which will speak in one voice and will be able to carry out reforms,” he said.

In answer to the question what achievements and shortcomings the existing government and prime minister had, he said he has not been running statistics.

Commenting on press reports that Russia had a role in the choice of Karen Karapetyan, he said he believes that whatever candidates, there will be mass media which will link this nomination to foreign factors. “Do not look for geopolitics in this matter for sure, look for politics in the main sense of the world,” he said.

Ashotyan said that ahead of the parliamentary elections there is a need to introduce a new political culture.

He said that they did not discuss Hovik Abrahamyan’s appointment as chief of electoral staff of the Republican Party. Abrahamyan will stay in politics as an RPA member.