Difference Between Investments and Outflows is Negative

    • Country - 01 September 2016, 18:27
The National Statistics Service has published alarming numbers about the net flows of investments in the Armenian economy. The foreign investors, alongside their investments, have started taking out more money from Armenia.

In the first half of this year, according to official data, the net flows of foreign investments in the real sector (excluding those received through the public administration system and banks) totaled 16,919,100,000 drams. In the first half of the past year net flows of foreign investments totaled 81,867,000,000 drams, in the same period of this year this number is 16,919,100,000 drams.

Net flows are the difference between inflows and outflows. In other words, this index means that in the first half of this year investors took more money out of Armenia than invested, and the difference is 16,919,100,000 drams.

The NSS report shows to which countries the investors took money from Armenia. Russia is in the first place with 27,837,800,000 drams. This year the amount of flow to Russia exceeded the amount invested in Armenia by 27,837,800,000 drams. Flows by countries are:

Offshore Cyprus – 2,416,500,000 drams,

Luxembourg – 2,976,300,000 drams,

Netherlands – 4,341,800,000 drams,

France – 1,019,600,000 drams,

Lebanon – 879,100,000.

As to direct foreign investments, in the first half of this year they almost halved. In the first half of this year, the amount of foreign direct investments in the Armenian economy totaled 16,577,800,000 drams against 30,701,700,000 drams in the first half of last year.