Armenian Evangelical College in Aleppo Damaged by Shelling

  • Country - 26 August 2016, 21:16
The Armenian Evangelical College in Aleppo was damaged in the result of shelling of several parts of Aleppo, the editor-in-chief of the Aleppo-based Gandzasar Weekly Zarmik Poghikian informed Armenpress. Zarmik Poghikyan said the rocket fell in the neighborhood behind the college.

“The window glasses of the higher floors of the college were crashed due to the shelling. The students were shocked but they immediately ran to the cellar and were not injured. There is no big damage. No Armenians were killed or injured, and the situation is now calm,” he said.

In the morning of August 25 the militants shot rockets in the direction of several districts of Aleppo, including the Armenian district, causing damage to property. Six people died in the result of shelling in different areas of the city.