Attempt to Blast Russia-Armenia Gas Pipeline Prevented

  • Country - 23 August 2016, 12:21
The Georgian National Security Service informed yesterday about prevention of an attempt to explode the gas pipeline supplying gas from Russia to Armenia. According to the press release, 5 people have been arrested. The investigation revealed that those arrested were preparing the explosion of the open section of the Russia-Armenia pipeline, the Georgian NSS informed. An investigation has been launched to find out the circumstances

Later Gruzia Online reported that 7 people had been arrested, including an employee of Poti Patrol Police Levan Mamporia. Those arrested are suspected of connections with terrorist organizations. One of the seven was arrested for withholding information.

The group was reportedly arrested at the moment of buying explosives. A map was found in the apartment of one of them on which the parts of the pipeline were marked which were going to be exploded.

The representative of the Georgian NSS stated that one of those arrested often visited Ukraine but it has not been confirmed whether this group could have been led from that country.

The investigation is carried out by the counterintelligence department of the Georgian MFA.