• Country - 20 February 2010, 11:42
Yesterday February 19 the police hindered the march held by the young activists of the Armenian National Congress, causing a scuffle. Vladimir Karapetyan, head of public relations of the Armenian National Congress, told Lragir.am as the march reached the building of the Central Electoral Commission, the leader of the Conservative Party Michael Hairapetyan appealed to the participants to finish the march. Around the corner of the CEC, on Koryun Street, the red berets attacked the participants of the march. As a result, six activists, including the son of the editor of the Haykakan Zhamanak Haik Gevorgyan, were taken to the police station, and Sargis Ghazaryan was taken to hospital.
Following this incident, the Armenian National Congress made a statement condemning the unlawful action of the police, which assaulted the activists instead of guaranteeing their security.
“Nevertheless, the march of protest, overcoming obstacles and continuous violence, successfully got to the finish of their march. Waiting at the finish of the march, the police detained six, Tigran Arakelyan, Sargis Gevorgyan, Sergey Gasparyan, Varag Nahapetyan, Vahagn Gevorgyan and Areg Gevorgyan.
Under the heavy burden of foreign political failures, alarmed by the rising wave of social rebel, the regime is losing self-control and takes inadequate steps which indicate agony. It tries to create an atmosphere of intimidation through abject actions to possibly reduce the number of participants of the national rally to be held on March 1. However, experience shows that it produces the opposite effect.”