1. Counterstrikes of Armenian Forces
    The author of the TV program “In the Positions” Arshak Zakaryan has published a video on Youtube. He notes that this is a footage of the counterstrikes of the Armenian forces to the enemy.
    01:41 27/06/2017
  2. Transfers to Armenia Increased by 44 Million Dollars
    The total volume of transfers to Armenia has increased by 44.554 million USD over the past one year.
    02:04 25/06/2017
  3. Person who Appeared in Azerbaijan Had Conviction and Mental Issues
    The person introducing himself Zaven Hovhannes Karapetyan who has appeared in the territory of Azerbaijan has a past conviction and mental issues.
    17:15 23/06/2017
  4. Attempted Attack at Line of Contact: Enemy Had Four Deaths and Retreated
    In the night of June 21 and in the morning of June 22 the Azerbaijani special troops undertook a reconnaissance-in-force at the line of contact.
    21:09 22/06/2017
  5. President Posthumously Awarded Narek Gasparyan Killed in Artsakh
    The president of Artsakh Republic Bako Sahakyan has posthumously awarded Narek Gasparyan the Medical of Combat Service for bravery in defending the state border of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, the Artsakh Republic President’s office informed.
    22:24 21/06/2017
  6. Chain's Complete: Last Step Will Be Taken Tomorrow
    The National Assembly will discuss the program of the government. The economists have underlined several important things in it.
    01:13 21/06/2017
  7. Lamb with 8 Legs Born in Armavir
    Zohrab Khudoyan, a cattle farmer, found out on June 19 that the new-born lamb had 8 legs, 2 tails and 3 eyes.
    23:38 20/06/2017
  8. Officer of Azerbaijani Reconnaissance Died:
    On June 17 a 32-year-old servicemen of one of the military units of Aghdam, Azerbaijan Ocaxverdiyev Ruslan İlham oğlu died, the opposition website Meydan informed.
    23:58 19/06/2017
  9. One of Injured Servicemen Had Eye Surgery, Other's State is Critical but Stable
    The state of the serviceman who was injured in the result of the Azerbaijani attack and taken to Malayan Center of Ophthalmology is grave.
    22:20 19/06/2017