1. Prime Ministers Riding Scooters in New Resort in Mataghis
    The prime ministers of Armenia and Artsakh are riding scooters in a new resort area in Mataghis, Artsakh.
    09:05 19/08/2017
  2. Firefighting Plane Continues Flights in Khosrov's Forest
    Since early morning on august 18 the helicopter of the Ministry of Defense has observed Khosrov’s Forest and found some smoking hotbeds in parts of the forest which are not accessible for vehicles.
    16:06 18/08/2017
  3. Third Suspect of Barcelona Attack Arrested
    The Catalan police arrested the third suspect of the attack in Barcelona, El Pais informed. Yesterday two suspects were arrested. Police named one as Driss Oukabir.
    15:42 18/08/2017
  4. Police Killed Five Terrorists in Spanish Town of Cambrils
    Hours after the van attack in Las Ramblas, Barcelona the seaside town Cambrils was the scene of the second vehicle attack.
    12:59 18/08/2017
  5. Update on Fire in Khosrov's Forest
    As of the morning of August 18 the helicopter of the Armed Forces observed Khosrov’s Forest Reserve to find out possible fire hotbeds and the situation, the Ministry of the Emergency Situations informed.
    12:54 18/08/2017
  6. Barcelona Attack: How It Happened
    The terrorist attack in Barcelona killed 13 and injured 100 people. The van drove into the public on.
    12:43 18/08/2017
  7. Attack in Barcelona: One Attacker Identified
    A van drove into the crowd at Las Ramblas Street at the center of Barcelona. The Spanish press reported the death of at least 12 people. At least 50 were injured.
    00:22 18/08/2017
  8. Update on Fire in Khosrov's Forest: Fire Almost Defeated
    On August 16, as of 11.43 there was some smoking hotbeds in Khosrov’s Forest. At 08:33 am, the Russian IL-76 frefighter plane flew its seventh and at 1:53 pm its eighth flight.
    21:54 16/08/2017
  9. Fire in Arevik National Park Caused by Shooting from Enemy's Side Has Been Extinguished
    Fire in Arevik National Park caused by the enemy’s fire was extinguished, the Ministry of Environmental Protection informed.
    23:57 15/08/2017