1. Serviceman Killed by Shot by Fellow Serviceman
    On December 11, at 19:30 Narek Marzpetuni Adibekyan was killed at the defense unit of one of the military units located in the north of the Defense Army by his fellow serviceman.
    20:57 12/12/2017
  2. Serviceman Injured by Mine Blast in Tavush Region
    On December 11 Private Artur Garik Danielyan born in 1998 was severely injured by a landmine blast during duty at the north-eastern part of the Armenian border.
    20:50 12/12/2017
  3. Decline in Population of Armenia by Years
    The National Statistics Service has published its 2017 report on the social pattern and poverty in Armenia which describes the demographic situation as concerning.
    23:50 06/12/2017
  4. It Remains Unclear What Traditional Family Is
    The National Assembly is discussing the draft law on preventing domestic violence and protecting victims of domestic violence.
    23:15 06/12/2017
  5. Poverty in Armenia: Fresh Data
    In 2016, the level of poverty in Armenia was 29.4%, the National Statistics Service informs. 1.8% are extremely poor, 8.0% are very poor, and the remaining 19.6% are poor.
    23:33 05/12/2017
  6. Why Lieutenant General Baghmanyan Was Discharged
    Serzh Sargsyan has discharged Lieutenant-General Haykaz Baghmanyan, the deputy chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Armenia.
    22:40 05/12/2017
  7. Situation at Line of Contact
    In the period between November 26 and December 2 the situation at the line of contact between the Artsakh and Azerbaijani armed forces remained relatively calm.
    22:28 03/12/2017
  8. Earthquake in Iran
    On December 1, local time 6:32 AM, the Armenian Seismic Protection Service reported a 5.9 earthquake 56 km northeast from the Iranian city of Qerman.
    23:10 01/12/2017
  9. The DFA presents concepts for Noah Ethnographic District
    The DFA has received concepts for Noah Ethnographic District from four leading companies and presents them to experts for opinions.
    13:13 28/11/2017
  10. Signing of EU-Armenia Agreement Expected at 8 pm Yerevan Time
    The EU-Armenia framework agreement will be signed today evening.
    16:54 24/11/2017