Syria Division: U.S. Hit Turkey

    • Comments - 16 January 2018, 22:36
The United States hit Turkey in Syria where Washington intends to support the Kurdish forces in the “Turkish area” of de-escalation and assign them the defense of the Syrian-Turkish border, creating a contingent of 30,000 troops for border security. Turkey has expressed its dissatisfaction and threatened to destroy the contingent.

Interestingly, Russia does not find a reason to provide proper assistance to Turkey. Analysts think that earlier the United States had agreed to oust Turkey from the region. The Putin-Trump pact in Vietnam could include such a point.

After the pact Russia announced that a consensus has been reached to maintain territorial integrity in Syria. Will Russia be against if they start “dividing” Syria without Turkey?

The intention of the United States to create the border security forces in Syria will not help normalize the situation around Afrin, the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov announced during a press conference. “The U.S. project on creating border security forces is based on the Syrian democratic forces formed from Kurdish units. You know that it has caused a negative attitude in Turkey,” Lavrov said.

This gives rise to serious issues relating to respect for Syria’s territorial integrity but the issue of relations between Kurds and Turket remains, he said.

Note that the initiative of border security forces became known on January 14.

On January 14 the official representative of Turkey Ibrahim Qalin said the U.S. decision on training Syrian democratic forces to defend the Syrian-Turkish border is unacceptable. The Russian foreign minister Lavrov said the U.S. actions show that it is not committed to territorial integrity in Syria. At the end of the day, it means separation of a huge territory at the border of Turkey and Iraq.

Lavrov said these territories are controlled by the Syrian democratic forces and has announced that this area will be controlled by groups under the control of the U.S. government amounting to personnel of 30,000. This is a serious issue that causes concerns about onset of division of Syria.

Ankara considers Kurdish organizations to be branches of PKK banished in Turkey. On January 13, the Turkish armed forces fired back at the positions of the Syrian democratic forces in Afrin.

The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on January 13 that if the terrorists of Afrin do not surrender, Turkey will destroy them. The Turkish armed forces may start military actions in Afrin until the end of January, the Turkish media write. It is said that the Turkish armed forces have been brought to readiness for the military action in Afrin.

On January 14 the Turkish armed forces opened artillery fire at the positions of Kurds in Afrin.

4 de-escalation areas have been created in Syria: in Idlib which includes part of Hama, north of Homs, the Eastern Ghouta outskirt of Damask and Deraa bordering with Jordan.

With regard to the issue that Turkey has not completed creation of its de-escalation area, Lavrov reminded about threats in Idlib and Eastern Ghouta. “The organizations in Idlib which have signed an agreement on behalf of the opposition and for which our Turkish colleagues are responsible undergo other impact as well and recently they have attacked the Syrian contingent several times,” he said. There have been parallel attacks on the Russian Khmeimim air base, he said noting that the answer should come.

The Russian troops have announced about destroying the base from where the Russian base in Khmeimim was attacked.