1. Putin's Failure Five Days Later: New Tragedy and Deaths
    The Russian jet crashed while landing at the military airport of Khmeimim in Syria. 32 people are dead. Nothing is known about the cause of the crash: was it a technical issue, a human error or was the plane struck?
    23:21 06/03/2018
  2. Will Infrastructures Open?
    The Russian president Vladimir Putin has announced in his address to the Federal Council that Russia will use a nuclear weapon if a nuclear or massive destruction weapon threatening the state is used against Russia or its allies.
    14:09 06/03/2018
  3. Armenia Gave Up on Russia: What Happened Overnight?
    Things may change overnight, the head of the Republican parliamentary group Vahram Baghdasaryan stated, in yet another attempt to justify the expected or assumed “breach” of the promise that Serzh Sargsyan had made in 2014.
    23:41 05/03/2018
  4. March 1, 2008 events changed the manners of the Armenian authorities
    Ten years after the tragic post-election events of 2008, in addition to many other negative consequences, significantly changed the political practice in the country.
    15:21 04/03/2018
  5. "Seller of Armageddon": Putin Fired Rocket of Despair
    At the beginning of his address Putin confessed that Russia is backward and this is the biggest enemy of his country.
    19:25 03/03/2018
  6. First 2 Steps by 4th President
    Armen Sarkissian has defined the core of his authority – the power of word – saying that power is not only the administrative levers but also ideas, vision, thoughts.
    11:11 03/03/2018
  7. A Chance to Normalize Armenian-Turkish Relations From the Other End
    Among opinions on Serzh Sargsyan’s decision to discontinue the process of ratification of the Armenian-Turkish protocols one stands out that the chance for normalization of the Armenian-Turkish relations was missed.
    23:52 02/03/2018