1. Between Personal and Global Security Systems
    Judging by Serzh Sargsyan’s recent speeches, the fight against terrorism is becoming a priority in Armenia.
    01:04 30/12/2017
  2. Armenia's Response: What Can Yerevan Do?
    Georgian prime minister’s important statement concerning Armenia
    22:32 25/12/2017
  3. Israel Directs Arrows at Turkey: Will Treaty of Lausanne Be Revised?
    In fact, Israel has arrived at the line of establishment of its borders in the context of the new situation in the Near East. Donald Trump has promised “revolutionary” solutions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
    00:39 19/12/2017
  4. Yerevan-Athens: Alliance with Jerusalem or Fighting in Jerusalem?
    The Armenian foreign minister Edward Nalbandyan has been invited to Greece by his counterpart on December 12-13.
    23:48 12/12/2017