1. Iran and Turkey Getting Ready for Revolutionary Developments
    The Iranian president Hassan Rowhani has proposed a referendum on core issues of the country’s national policy.
    00:46 27/02/2018
  2. Armenian-Georgian Border Challenge Overcome: Tbilisi's Gesture
    The Georgian president Georgy Margvelashvili has rejected a proposal by an Azerbaijani youth to commemorate the victims of “the genocide in Khojalu” in Marneuli region which is populated by Azerbaijanis.
    00:07 27/02/2018
  3. Tehran Warned Baku: Yerevan Is Given Space
    The Iranian Minister of Defense has visited Azerbaijan and met with the Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev. During the meeting they discussed bilateral relations.
    16:34 23/02/2018
  4. Israeli Eye on Armenian-Turkish Border: Interesting Change in Gyumri
    Information came that the Municipality of Gyumri and Logistic FTZ, an Israeli company, have signed an MoU on creating a free economic zone on an area of 330 hectares.
    22:10 21/02/2018
  5. The Word of Head of Russian Intelligence Service to Serzh Sargsyan
    On February 19 the head of the National Security Service Georgy Kutoyan met with the head of the Russian External Intelligence Service Sergey Narishkin.
    23:38 19/02/2018
  6. Russians and Turks Started Liking Each Other Again: Unexpected Question to Azerbaijan
    Serzh Sargsyan addressed Munich Security Conference, during “Inside or Outside: Countries between Russia and Europe” panel discussion and found himself in an unexpected and unpleasant situation.
    16:49 19/02/2018
  7. What’s Going on with Our Neighbors?
    In recent years, the presidents of the two Turkic states, Turkey and Azerbaijan are increasingly voicing public complaints that everyone around wants to destroy their states and take their "primordial lands" from them.
    12:26 18/02/2018
  8. Something Has Changed: Aliyev Understood Why They Hit Turkey and Russia
    Ilham Aliyev’s scandalous statement at the congress of New Azerbaijan Party was like an explosion. The backlash was expected and the analysts need to find out why Aliyev decided to do this.
    00:16 18/02/2018
  9. What's Happening with Putin? Armenia Should Be Prepared
    The spokesperson for Kremlin Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Putin has a cold but goes to work.
    22:44 17/02/2018
  10. Putin Cancelled All Events: Something Happening in Syria
    The Kremlin would not confirm the death of lots of Russians in Syria caused by the strikes of the American air force and artillery.
    21:59 15/02/2018