1. Russian Intelligence in America: Drills in Armenia
    The American press and international agencies informed that in the past few days three leaders of Russian intelligence agencies visited the United States.
    00:49 04/02/2018
  2. Mania of Single-handed Decision Making
    Օn January 28, Armenia celebrated the Army Day
    10:25 03/02/2018
  3. It Happened at the Last Moment: the Worst Things for the Kremlin Still Ahead
    The Kremlin list published by the U.S. Department of the Treasury on January 30 has sparked an international discussion which is clear both for what is on the list and its purpose.
    17:28 01/02/2018
  4. United States Opens Way for Armenia
    Yesterday Serzh Sargsyan went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and spoke about issues of diplomacy. He was rather tough in his speech.
    22:58 31/01/2018
  5. Macron's Details and Requests for Serzh Sargsyan
    Serzh Sargsyan’s visit to France and meeting with the French president Emmanuel Macron last week were acknowledged in Armenia as the seal of European success of Serzh Sargsyan’s political plans.
    00:01 30/01/2018
  6. What's the Vision of West on Near East?
    The activation of the Kurdish factor in the region was the significant real outcome of the international action against the Islamic state.
    22:46 29/01/2018
  7. 8 Days of Nightmare for Serzh Sargsyan: Loophole for Coup
    Yesterday the deputy speaker of parliament Arpine Hovhannisyan announced the date and time of election of the prime minister of Armenia under the new Constitution and the rules of the National Assembly.
    22:14 23/01/2018
  8. Armen Sargsyan Closes Triangle: Serzh Sargsyan's Decision
    After the meeting of the Executive Body of the Republican Party spokesperson Edward Sharmazanov announced that Serzh Sargsyan will publish the name of the fourth president of Armenia the next day.
    01:27 19/01/2018
  9. Standstill: Uprising Starts
    A wave of protest is maturing in Armenia related to the rising salary taxes in Armenia effective from January 1.
    16:49 18/01/2018
  10. Two Jokes by "Lame Duck": Everything Overlaps
    In Armenia they are getting ready for the change of government in 2018. As the head of the Republican parliamentary group put it, there is no time left, the candidates must be named, the president must be elected on March 2.
    18:00 17/01/2018