Republicans Gave up on Taron: He's Playing with Fire

  • Comments - 16 May 2018, 23:45
Today the protesters went into the fenced park in Yerevan where, as drones revealed, dozens of big trees had been cut with the approval of the Municipality of Yerevan. Then they went into the building of the Municipality and demanded the resignation of Taron Margaryan.

Taron Margaryan talked to the Chief of Police and demanded that the police secure the regular operations of the municipality. Aside from this, a group of Taron’s supporters gathered in the municipality and supported him.

Taron resists and mobilizes his supporters. Recently he has been referring to the law, highlighting that the mayor is an elective position. The situation is similar to the parliament where the Republicans are a majority but the Republicans had to step back before the popular wave and supported Nikol Pashinyan’s election as prime minister. The Republicans are also a majority in the municipality.

Clearly Taron Margaryan and his supporters are protecting their “right” to corruption. Judging by their legal statements and their relationship to procurement agreements of the municipality, there is no doubt about it.

During these years Taron has grown in the Republican system and gained serious positions and became one of the pertinent representatives of the system. It is possible that the Republicans have given up on the cabinet, and are trying to retain the governance of Yerevan which is a huge financial and administrative resource and may be handy in the early election.

On the other hand, it will be hard for Taron Margaryan to continue his corrupt practice that ensures the resource. In this context, by pushing Taron into a confrontation, the Republican Party uses him as a target and it is possible that the party is trying to get rid of him in this way. The situation is such that if the public continues to pursue its demands with the methods of the velvet revolution, and Taron continues to resist and involves his supporters and local strongmen, the situation may get tense and grow into clashes for which the mayor will be accountable.