Sargsyan Understood But It Is Too Late

  • Comments - 22 April 2018, 22:49
The spokesperson for Serzh Sargsyan, commenting on Serzh Sargsyan’s phrase on not learning a lesson from March 1 during the meeting with Nikol Pashinyan, and in answer to the question what Serzh Sargsyan meant, whether it was a threat, said: “On the contrary. We regret that again an attempt is made to divide the society to white and black. We had the bitter experience of drawing dividing lines during the post-electoral events in 2008 and it took a lot of effort from the government and the society to overcome it. These are the lessons that the government and the majority of the society learned from history which we must avoid at any price. The president went to the square in order to keep Mr. Pashinyan from taking this wrong path twice, and the prime minister made such an appeal during today’s meeting.

The prime minister remains open for real dialogue and currently the efforts to this end do not stop,” Edward Sharmazanov said.

During the meeting with Nikol Pashinyan today morning Serzh Sargsyan actually threatened the demonstrators, blamed him for speaking the language of ultimatum and left the meeting after which they arrested Nikol and other members of parliament and clamped down on the participants of the peaceful march.

Afterwards, the ambassadors of the EU member states and the spokesperson of the European Union made tough statements, demanding to set free those arrested.

Besides, there is a key statement in the message of the ambassadors relating to the negotiations: “The European Union reiterates that it is crucial that all parties show restraint and responsibility and urgently seek a negotiated solution.” Negotiations is also the key topic in the statement of the U.S. embassy.

And now the spokesperson for Sargsyan is trying to mitigate the situation and announce that the prime minister is open for real dialogue. It is hard to tell whether the consistency and determination of dozens of thousands of demonstrators influenced or the statements of the EU and the United States but apparently it is too late.

The point is that after today’s meeting with Nikol Pashinyan Serzh Sargsyan can no longer be a party in nefotiations. And the topic of negotiations is Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation.

Politicians say currently only the chief of police Vova Gasparyan can be the party in the negotiations because he is put in charge of a huge constitutional mission – return power to people and to evaluate Serzh Sargsyan’s actions. Gasparyan thereby becomes the only legitimate official of Armenia and at the same time, the one in charge of the process.

I am Vova Gasparyan, the chief of police announced at one of the havens of domestic tensions. Here is a time when it will be seen in substance.

In the meantime, it is seen from the photo that after leaving the meeting with Nikol Serzh Sargsyan could not imagine what was going to happen next. Even the gloomy faces of his escorts did not prompt him anything.