The Last Night of Nikol and Serzh: Unexpected Revelation

  • Comments - 16 April 2018, 00:12
Nikol Pashinyan has published the action plan which will be launched tomorrow, at 8:15 am. According to this plan, the citizens are proposed to cause traffic jams in the street, go on strike, walk to Baghramyan Avenue on foot and surround the building of the National Assembly where the vote to affirm prime minister is scheduled. The purpose of the movement is to prevent Serzh Sargsyan’s appointment as prime minister.

The purpose of jams, according to Nikol Pashinyan, is to ensure that police does not manage to deploy its forces at the parliament building.

The current stage of the opposition protests already has some unique aspects. It actually has not had a part of demonstrations, and the principle of immediate action was adopted. Besides, over the past two decades this is the first time when a movement leader publishes a specific plan of actions and a specific aim.

Opinions on the probability of success and appropriateness of the goal put forth vary. For example, questions are asked as to what difference it makes who will be the prime minister when the system is the same. Among cons, the opposition states that if Serzh Sargsyan’s is not appointed, the system will weaken.

Besides, if the vote is thwarted twice, new elections must be held. The plan of targeting Serzh Sargsyan is to cause cracks to occur in the ruling system.

The government has been silent all through this time. The meeting of the Republican Party board was held outside Yerevan, in a ski resort, where the Republican Party officially nominated Serzh Sargsyan. Attention is drawn to the absence of police during the protests, which was not the case before. And if the plan of actions of the opposition is published, it is not clear what tactics the government will use. Will it continue to ignore the opposition or will it use its traditional methods?

What will the police do? According to the new constitution, it is subordinate to the prime minister but at the moment there is no prime minister. There is an acting prime minister who leaves and will hardly take the responsibility to give the order.

From this point of view, Vova Gasparyan, the chief of police, has been left without a “commander” and he will bear responsibility alone. The absence of the police could be explained by this circumstance.

This is Nikol Pashinyan’s last night before action. If he succeeds, he will stay in politics with huge credit, if not, he will leave as he said. Of course, he made a reservation – presence of dozens of thousands of people – but this does not matter from the point of view of politics.

This is also Serzh Sargsyan’s last night in “freedom”, and as soon as he becomes prime minister, he will face extremely complicated problems and primarily in the ruling system. As a president he was immune, with the broadest possible authority. As a prime minister, he will “depend” on the wish of the members of parliament who can replace the prime minister any time. The representatives of the ruling majority have already made a hint. This movement will certainly affect moods inside the system.

In brief, the confrontation starts tomorrow, maybe with unexpected expressions and “revelations”.