Putin's Failure Five Days Later: New Tragedy and Deaths

    • Comments - 06 March 2018, 23:21
The Russian jet crashed while landing at the military airport of Khmeimim in Syria. 32 people are dead. Nothing is known about the cause of the crash: was it a technical issue, a human error or was the plane struck?

In any case, whatever the cause of the crash, it is a direct or indirect strike to the Russian president Vladimir Putin provided his triumphant or expansionist speech on March 1 addressed to the Russian Federal Council, hence the world. The part of the address that drew most attention was the video of animated demonstration of Russia’s “new fantastic weapons” as Putin announced that there is no antipode to this arsenal.

Only five days later the Russian airplane fell which was de jure Putin’s failure. Earlier there was another incident in Syria involving Russian mercenaries who was caught by the American strike during the offensive at the petroleum plant. According to different information, the Russians lost several hundreds of troops. Official Moscow avoided confirming for a long time that a huge number of Russian citizens had been killed. Later he admitted but referred to a smaller number of casualties.

It was not official army, it was a private one but it is eventually associated with the Russian government. It is hard to tell whether Putin would go for the animated video of fantastic ammunition had there not been for those losses. It looked like Putin’s attempt to make up for the loss in Syria.

Sadly, Putin’s image is marred by another tragedy in Syria. Whether the loss is military or not, this chain of tragedies indicates the quality of the Russian state, the gap between the quality of the Russian statehood and its expansionist ambitions and that quality, which leads to one tragedy after another which have different causes but form a big chain and a horrible logic: an expansionist ambition is accompanied by an animated video demonstration and citizens sacrificed in real time.

This tragic contrast reflects the deep economic, political, psychological, philosophical and ideological crisis Russia is in now. At the end of the day, Putin is trapped by the crisis, its hostage, when on the one hand it is obvious that there is no technology and resource to support the expansionism the only pillar of the internal vacuum and on the other hand there is no alternative option, as well as time and without expansionism the collapse and fall will be much more horrid and disastrous, leaving a lot under rabble.

Moreover, the whole world is affected by this problem because Russia followed immediately the collapse of the Soviet Union.

In addition, there is a dual situation here. Either the world cleans the territory from rubble or Russia cleans up the rabble and restored the Soviet Union.

On the other hand, it is impossible to clean up the territory because it is under Russia’s surveillance, and Russia must be blocked from keeping an eye on the rubble. At the same time, this must be done carefully to prevent Russia’s collapse this time because ruined ruins will make the situation even more complicated.

This multi-layer situation has led to an unpredictable time when the least of all troubles for Armenia is “local” failures of Putin because if destroyed, the ruins of the empire will cover Armenia. Russian citizens pay for Putin’s local failures with their lives who will give their votes to Putin in a few days.