Will Infrastructures Open?

    • Comments - 06 March 2018, 14:09
The Russian president Vladimir Putin has announced in his address to the Federal Council that Russia will use a nuclear weapon if a nuclear or massive destruction weapon threatening the state is used against Russia or its allies.After Putin’s message the reporters tried to find out who the allies are. The spokesperson for the Russian president Dmitry Peskov said the allies are CSTO and others. The others are, apparently, Abkhazia and South Ossetia who have security agreements with Russia.Peskov stated that Russia must help those who have signed an agreement on mutual defense with Russia. It turns out that Russia does not have such an agreement with Syria, North Korea and Iran. Peskov has clearly explained that Syria is Russia’s ally but Russia does not have a security agreement with that country.Does Putin’s message and this clarification mean that Russia does not intend to take steps in case someone strikes Syria, for example? This sounds actual against the processes going on in Syria. The United States and the United Kingdom have blamed Russia for being involved in the tragedy of Eastern Ghouta. Germany and France also demand Russia to follow the UN resolution on the 30-day ceasefire. They also want Turkey to deal with the fight on terrorism only and not focus on other issues.Was Putin hinting that Russia will not opt for a nuclear strike in case someone decides to use a massive destruction weapon in Syria? Do these hints concern Turkey for which Russia has actually opened the air space in Syrian Afrin? Or is this part of the U.S.-Russian agreements declared in Vietnam after the Trump-Putin meeting.One way or another, many forces may consider Putin’s statement as a card blanch for massive actions in Syria. Time will show who will benefit from this but one day the Syrians will demand account from Moscow for such alliance. One day they will ask how many people were killed by the Russians in Syria to demonstrate weapons and sell new development, as Putin said.