"Seller of Armageddon": Putin Fired Rocket of Despair

  • Comments - 03 March 2018, 19:25
“Putin was not so much seeking to start a new arms race abroad, as trying to keep alive an old myth at home about a Russia whose firepower was its only source of international traction and security. As he stood in front of video screens showing clunky simulations of one missile after another, Putin looked like a salesman of Armageddon”, the Guardian writes.

The press is widely covering Putin’s annual address during which the Russian president demonstrated modern weapons which, according to him, have no analogues in the world, not even an antidote. “They are technically undefeatable,” Putin said.

At the beginning of his address Putin confessed that Russia is backward and this is the biggest enemy of his country. In this context, the demonstration of weapons is a sign of despair, on the one hand, when it seems that improvement of the social and economic situation in Russia is impossible in the nearest future. On the other hand, Putin’s address is a request to the West to take into account Russia’s situation and not to complicate everything. “Nobody listened to us. So listen now,” he said.

In his address, Putin referred to the Soviet Union several times, saying that everyone knew it was Russia. Many see this as an intention to restore the empire. On the other hand, the references are highly symbolic against the circumstances listed above.

The point is that at one time the Soviet Union possessed progressive military forces and technology but the economy did not stand the “cold war” and the union collapsed. The Western media see Putin’s statement as the start of a new “cold war”. But how can a country with an economy which is a raw material country stand the technological competition?

Putin also said that these weapons will be used in case of a nuclear attack or aggression. However, the Soviet Union was not attacked, a global race was going on not only in the sphere of weapons but also almost all the spheres. Currently nobody is going to attack Russia. There are other means which are soft and effective.

Interestingly, a day after Putin’s statement Trump signed a decree on extending sanctions enacted in 2014 by a year. Besides, sanctions against the defense industry have bene enacted.

With one wrapping or another, Russia was and remains at the verge of global politics, first as a gendarme of Europe, then as the empire of evil, now one of the main international threats together with terrorism and virus.

Russia promotes this with its policy and ambitions. On the other hand, the possibility of change seems problematic. Russian experts say that change may mean collapse and the imperialistic policy leads the country to full degradation.

This situation determined the role of Russia in global politics which favors both the West and other powers and big countries. A lot of issues are resolved through backward and aggressive Russia, including ones that nobody would like to even get next to. This is a Russia that everyone wants to deal with.

Putin’s address is in fact a record of this situation. Swinging nuclear weapons is the last argument. A weapon is a weapon if it is backed by modern government systems and institutions and it is a means, not a goal. The weapon has become a weapon for the Russians, and it is the first symptom of absence of any prospects.