Yerevan and Tehran's Worries: What Has Rogozin Discussed with Aliyev?

    • Comments - 31 December 2017, 01:24
The Russian Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin has left for Baku and met with the Azerbaijani president Aliyev. The visit had not been announced. As is known, Rogozin coordinates the defense industry of his country. So, ostensibly, it was the subject of his meeting with Aliyev. Does this mean that Russia is discussing a new defense deal with Azerbaijan, a new contract on supply of weapons?

Rogozin and Baku must have a lot to talk about. At least, the regional situation is interesting and there are circumstances that may affect the reasons and agenda of Rogozin’s visit.

It is possible that Rogozin who behaved indecently towards Armenia during the April war is trying to address the sanctions on some companies in the defense industry which will become effective in 2018, causing problems for the clients of Russia’s defense industry. And Azerbaijan is one of the clients which pays cash and orders the music.

It is possible that Azerbaijan has just another observation on the quality of the Russian ammunition. This is not the first time. It is possible that such problems occurred in Baku due to Russia’s so-called Syrian campaign which have revealed defects of ammunition, and because the Azerbaijani minister of defense has announced that the Russians share their Syrian experience, these problems arouse questions in Baku too.

Rogozin’s visit takes place in parallel with other interesting news. Ankara has announced that they have finalized the deal with Russia and Russia will supply four C 400 air defense systems to Ankara starting from 2020. Will Moscow try to make a deal with Azerbaijan indirectly and supply the rockets to Baku via Ankara to avoid dissatisfaction in Yerevan?

During a recent event in the Armenian ministry of foreign affairs Serzh Sargsyan announced that Yerevan and the international community speak almost the same language on Artsakh. The developments following the Sargsyan-Aliyev meeting in Geneva indicated that the Minsk Group co-chairs come to a consensus to maintain the status quo or relative stability and peace due to some objective reasons.

From this point of view Russia has appeared in a complicated situation when the “sin” committed against Armenia has led to certain conclusions, reluctant to lose a client of the defense industry who pays cash and a political-military arena. At the end of the day, Azerbaijan is a playground for the relations with Iran and Rogozin’s visits to Baku arouse questions in Tehran as well as in Yerevan.