Russian Landing Troops Attacked Karabakh

    • Comments - 11 December 2017, 21:25
Lavrov’s reprimand: because there are no Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh

The Azerbaijani reporter asked the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov after the meeting of the OSCE Ministerial Council in Vienna why the Karabakh conflict is viewed separately from other conflicts in the post-Soviet space. Lavrov did not say, of course, that the Russian troops are directly involved in the Georgian, Ukrainian and Moldavian conflicts.

Lavrov only said that “a process is underway to improve everyday life, not stop violence (there is almost no violence thanks to the presence of the Russian peacekeepers)” he said. The Russian minister actually reprimanded Azerbaijan and Armenia that the Russian peacekeepers are not invited to Azerbaijan therefore the issue of stopping violence is put forth.

The absence of Russian troops in Karabakh is the key obstacle to Russia’s full expansion in the region. Russia cannot deploy troops there neither via Armenia nor via Azerbaijan. This is the only issue where there is consensus between Baku, Yerevan and Stepanakert.

Russia needs to have dominance over the peace settlement, the American diplomat Paul Goble told the 168 Zham.

Russia is trying to demonstrate that the equipment at the line of contact is its initiative. Meanwhile, as Paul Goble says, against the passiveness of the United States the assistance of the American side to the implementation of special measures was important.

The ministers and the presidents must meet, the Minsk Group must work to reduce the effectiveness of separate initiatives by separate countries. Russia will try to get Azerbaijan but then it will be necessary to be attentive, Goble said.

Russia’s interference in Karabakh’s affairs has always been negative for the Armenian side. Russia’s role during the first war is not mentioned at all in Armenia. However, the Azerbaijani side does not hide that it was able to achieve success at the beginning of the war with the help of Russia.

“Do not forget about the Aghdere action which was implemented by the Russian landing troops. The Armenians were repressed there well. And Grachov personally ordered to help us. One should not forget that we liberated 52% of former NKAR then,” the former minister of defense of Azerbaijan Rahim Ghaziyev told the Azerbaijani Vesti. “Thanks to my good relations with Grachov we got more than envisaged during the division of the property of the Soviet troops,” he said.

In the summer of 1992 Azerbaijan undertook the only successful action against the defense army of Artsakh. At that time the Russian landing troops and the servicemen of the 4th army of the former USSR the Azerbaijani authorities occupied Shahumyan region and part of Martakert region of NKR.