Eat Your Potatoes and Shut Up

  • Comments - 09 December 2017, 00:02
The mass media and social networks reacted strongly to the answers of two notorious Republican members of parliament Khosrov Harutiunyan and Hakob Hakobyan on poverty and rise in prices.

In an effort to prove that the situation is not that bad, Khosrov Harutiunyan said: “Imagine a family that has only potatoes. Now meat being expensive or cheap, they have no money to buy meat so they continue to have potatoes.”

And Hakob Hakobyan who is the chair of the Social Committee of the National Assembly said: “The poor spend less, so if prices rise, the poor will automatically avoid products that are expensive. The public policy is to protect them from rising prices if the rising prices hit the poor layer. The poor usually avoid buying expensive products or products the prices of which have risen.”

Currently, against a tough social policy, layoff and soaring prices the representatives of the government notice an interesting tendency which is clearly expressed in the speech of these members of parliament. It makes no difference for the poor whether prices will rise or not. They will continue to eat their potatoes.

This wording expresses the nature of the ruling system and the essence of the economic policy to reduce the level of life and standards to stop prices being a threat. So did the government defeat poverty and rise in prices and present a budget that will serve “further development”.

Thus the ruling system has found the slogan and formula for “coming years”. The prime minister said that the state of the economy is not too bad like a year ago but manageable. And the trailer of the system – ARF Dashnaktsutyun – has announced that the public is not capable of understanding that the country is on the right path.