"Uprising" in General Staff: Movses Hakobyan's Revelation

    • Comments - 07 December 2017, 22:33
The discharge of Haykaz Baghmanyan, the deputy chief of General Staff, has triggered a discussion in the Armenian media and political circles. And this is natural. Baghmanyan is widely discussed in the Armenian press and political circles. And this is natural. Baghmanyan was a significant person not only in the armed forces but also the ruling system.

The Minister of Defense Vigen Sargsyan was the first to inform officially about his discharge. He said that Baghmanyan resigned after he urged him to for failure to perform his duties.

Some people rightly noted that Vigen Sargsyan’s weight has increased this way. It follows from his words that someone like Baghmanyan is discharged from the army on his appeal though it is clear that Serzh Sargsyan is standing behind this.

Different versions have been circulated after the discharge, from intrigues to the needs of the new political-military role of the Armenian army in the new geopolitical situation. All these versions express the reality.

In this context it is necessary to pay attention to an important circumstance. After Baghmanyan’s discharge the Chief of General Staff Movses Hakobyan had an interview with Mediamax. It was a vow of allegience to Vigen Sargsyan and his projects. It was entitled “Army Accepted Vigen Sargsyan as a Leader”. In fact, the interview was written to fit this key expression.

There are controversial attitudes to Vigen Sargsyan and his projects in the society and especially among the military. Besides, according to the Constitution, the General Staff of the Armed Forces is “independent” from the minister who is a civilian and is in charge of strategic planning. And the day-to-day management of the armed forces is performed by the General Staff.

In the case of Vigen Sargsyan there may have been an “uprising” in the General Staff. Vigen Sargsyan’s leadership was not recognized both due to the Constitution and the political-military setting.

In Armenia they do not discharge a person for shortcomings, corruption, murder, Member of Parliament Mher Sedrakyan once said. And Movses Hakobyan who was said likely to be discharged expressed his loyalty to Vigen Sargsyan. So, we may say that Serzh Sargsyan has completed “formatting” of the army.