Trump's Arbitrary Verdict on Artsakh

    • Comments - 27 November 2017, 23:40
The U.S.-Russia agreements on Syria involved several international points, including the issue of the Karabakh conflict. It was after this that Erdogan announced that Putin does not have big hopes that the territories of Karabakh – the “five territories” – will be given to Azerbaijan.

On November 9, the United States clearly stated about maintenance of the current status quo, followed by Russia which also expressed its consent. Next, the Russian foreign minister Lavrov visited Yerevan and Baku to explain the subtle aspects of the new situation. He announced in Baku that Russia is working with the United States on this and there will be no separate agreements.

Interestingly, these events overlapped with the 22 November 1920 arbitrary verdict by the U.S. President Woodrow Wilson. One week after the verdict the Russian troops attacked Armenia and ended the Armenian independent state. In that period, Moscow closely cooperated with Turkey, and both countries were able to overcome the complicated international situation, including at the expense of the Armenian interests and territories.

Like now, at that time heated debates were underway in the region, the new borders of the Near East were being drawn. Russia and Turkey achieved separate agreements to form the status quo in the South Caucasus that lasted for 100 years. The status quo was broken by the proclamation of independence of Armenia and Karabakh and the victory won in the war. The Russian-Turkish military attempt to fix this hole failed last April. Despite the obscure behavior of the Armenian government, the Western co-chairs and the United States did not allow the political attempts which were eventually recorded during the meeting of Vienna Permanent Council and through the events of the following days.

Thus, 100 years after Wilson, Trump’s “arbitrary verdict” prevented dangerous and tragic developments for the Armenian side.

100 years ago America did not have the international weight and role it has now. And his “arbitrary verdicts” are fulfilled because it is impossible to joke with the only great power as described by Putin.

The United States recognize Artsakh one after another, and the U.S. may recognize Artsakh at the federal level, as Nalbandyan announced.