How Does Erdogan Intend to Prevent Change of Borders?

    • Comments - 21 November 2017, 22:55
The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan understands that Turkey and himself can “survive” only in emergency situations. Emergency situations is Erdogan’s element, and he does not miss a single chance to lead the situation to a crisis in which he can get “dividends”.

Last weekend was marked by an unprecedented crisis in the relations between NATO and Turkey. Erdogan and Ataturk were listed on the enemy chart in the NATO training in Norway.

Erdogan seems to have been waiting for this. He did not accept NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s apology and immediately recalled that during the maximum threat in 2015 NATO leadership decided to withdraw the zenith rockets from Syria to Turkey. NATO made it clear that in case of an attack it will not assist Ankara, Erdogan said.

This is a serious crisis that may lead to Turkey’s withdrawal from NATO and a sudden change in the global setting. NATO leadership keeps silent but the objective reality leads to adversity of interests of NATO and Turkey, and Turkey feels threat coming from its present allies.

What is the main threat to Erdogan? He has announced that Turkey will not allow change of borders in the region. In addition, he did not specify who is trying to redraw the borders.

Demarcation becomes the main dividing line in politics and may break alliances apart and lead to global regrouping.

Russia does not want change of borders, which explains why in Vietnam Putin and Trump agreed to maintain Syria’s territorial integrity.

However, both Russia and Turkey understand that Syria’s “integrity” will be maintained until the Kurdish movement moves to Turkey, and the grand demarcation starts.

Turkey has been waging a domestic war against Kurds. There is curfew in Kurdish areas for many months and nobody knows what is happening there. It is only known that military actions are carried out and dozens of people are killed.

Erdogan says Turkey will not allow for change of borders, like 100 years ago. 100 years ago Turkey survived despite the genocide of the Armenians and the Pontic Greeks, despite the deportation of autochthone ethnicities and stealing of their property but has not been able to enjoy what belongs to others.

100 years later the property of Armenians in Turkey remains public property, without any right to privatization. 100 years later Turkey understands that the owners of the property have not forgotten about it.

The Armenians tried to change the borders in the region, and the international community has recognized this situation. The United States has adopted the 907th amendment prohibiting sales of weapons to Azerbaijan until the end of blockade of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh and the use of force.

Now Ergodan is again speaking about change of borders which Turkey will not allow. Is Turkey preparing for a new genocide? Who is in line this time?