Investors Club and Tashir Group Delivered a Mouse

    • Comments - 20 November 2017, 15:20
Tashir Group which is owned by the Russia-based tycoon Samvel Karapetyan and the Investors Club he heads announced about intentions to invest 1 billion dollars which was advertised by Serzh Sargsyan himself in his interview with the Russian press.

Tashir Group has announced to invest 1.1 billion dollars together with the Investors Club of Armenia in the energy sector of Armenia. In particular, according to the press, 200 million dollars will be invested in building Shnogh Water Power Plant, and 900 million dollars will be invested in modernization of the distribution networks owned by Tashir.

It has been announced that 2500 new jobs are expected.

Investment of 1.1 billion dollars and 2500 new jobs. These numbers are eloquent evidence of a not very high level of efficiency of investments. There have been years when less investments were made but more jobs were created.

And one of the main measures of an investment indicator is the number of jobs that these investments will create. Otherwise, for example, it is possible to buy equipment worth 100 million dollars and announce about investment of 100 million dollars which will create 3-4 temporary jobs to unload the truck and to install the equipment.

Hence, one can imply from the information about expected investments that its bulk will be spent on equipment for the water power plant or the electric networks.

Well, the money belongs to Samvel Karapetyan, and it is already welcome and important that he invests money in Armenia, even in this way. But was it worth creating a club of investors, issue press releases that made one think that the club is going to drive the cultural and technological revolution in Armenia?

So, the mountain, in this case the club of investors and Tashir Group together, gave birth to a mouse. At least, against the challenges that Armenia is facing as a country, the quality and target of investments are just a “mouse”. As well as against the changes in the region and in the world.