We've Made It: Strange Things Are Happening

  • Comments - 08 November 2017, 12:41
Two days ago a strange thing happened in Vayots Dzor region. The Republican nominee lost the municipal election in Yeghegis community and went on a protest. A few hundreds of people closed the road and demanded reelection.

The winner of the election is also Republican but was not a Republican nominee and was not supported by the Republican Party.

This picture repeated in other municipal elections held on Sunday after the consolidation of several communities. The Republicans stood up against each other, and the reason is that several communities have been joined into one, and municipalities have become one, and Republican municipal heads are fighting against one another.

In some communities the winners are non-partisan or Republicans not nominated and not supported by the Republican Party. Rumors came though that they won with the help of “local princes” – the governors of their regions or different groups.

However, the incident in Vayots Dzor is strange. The candidate nominated by the Republican Party who lost the election and went on protest is blaming his opponent for electoral fraud and demands a fair election.

We’ve made it. The Republican Party can now ascribe this to their internal democracy, internal competitiveness, as some party leaders state from time to time.

It is also possible that during the municipal election which has constantly been a platform for tryout of schemes of domestic political strategies has been used this time to try out the scheme of “decentralization” of the ruling party alongside with the decentralization of government under parliamentary governance to adapt the Republican Party to the new governance model.

This is an important issue for the government otherwise the transition to the parliamentary governance may result in a dangerous dissonance when the government is decentralized but the Republican Party remains the same, a majority that needs a leader. Recently the Republicans have not been hiding that they need a leader irrespective of the model of governance, and this circumstance may thwart the plans of the top government.

On the other hand, there is another thing that political strategists and political scientists observed in previous stages of domestic fights. Hence, the Armenian oppositions have constantly supported the unity and majority of the Republican Party. Many even said that the Republicans would be in trouble if there were no opposition.

Currently there is no active opposition, and if there is none for a longer period, the Republican Party will face a serious challenge. The government knows this better than anyone else, and considering this prospect, after the governance reforms it is trying to reform the Republican Party to “internal democracy and competitiveness”.