Unexpected Disclosure: Why Is Aliyev Angry?

    • Comments - 25 October 2017, 17:53
In his speech at the National Institute for Defense Studies President Serzh Sargsyan commented on the meeting in Geneva and the situation that followed.

“Frankly, to me this is a very strange situation when after the negotiations in Geneva the Azerbaijani side underlines with some specific evilness that I have breached some agreements. Frankly, this is strange, and I am looking forward to our next meeting to ask my counterpart what has angered them. In addition, people speak who actually must not be aware of our conversation because there were two of us and if we agreed not to tell anything to anyone, how come his aides or I don’t know deputies etc are familiar with the topic. I assure that I haven’t shared half a word of our conversation anywhere,” Serzh Sargsyan announced.

Before and after Geneva the Armenian side demonstrated a strange behavior, actually reneging on preferable diplomatic and political positions. We have commented on this situation in our publications, suggesting that Serzh Sargsyan and Aliyev did not discuss the Artsakh issue in Geneva or they discussed to the extent they needed to stay tuned.

In fact, Serzh Sargsyan also disclosed this circumstance, saying that they discuss other issues at his meeting with Aliyev which are not related to what he stated at his meeting with the Armenian community in Switzerland. And in that meeting Serzh Sargsyan said that he and Aliyev spoke about alleviating tension and avoiding deaths.

It turns out that the “non-public” part of the conversation concerned other matters.

After the meeting with the Armenian community in Switzerland the Azerbaijani side blamed Sargsyan for breaching the agreement and not keeping confidentiality. Interestingly, Sargsyan blamed Aliyev for the same things before the meeting in Geneva.

And now Serzh Sargsyan is looking forward to the next meeting. For example, he did not speak about the recent post-Geneva incidents, the death and shelling, which might be a reason for recalling the Vienna agenda and the conditions of the Armenian side if the Armenian side was forces to renege on that agenda and did not do it voluntarily.

In this context, Serzh Sargsyan wants to find out why Aliyev is angry and possibly also why details of their highly confidential conversation have become known to Aliyev’s entourage, which may produce unneeded consequences.

Was this confidential conversation related to issues of forming of government expected in both countries next year? For example, in order to retain his power, Aliyev needed to demonstrate a “win-lose” diplomacy and escalate the situation at the border. Serzh Sargsyan needed to demonstrate that nobody is familiar with the security issues better than himself. And for these to happen the Vienna agreement should not be implemented for the time being.

The Armenian side never explained the purpose of participating in the “new round of negotiations”, especially after the statement that Azerbaijan is not committed to a peace settlement and is not capable of observing agreements.

In general, it is strange that the head of state and supreme commander-in-chief for two decades who went through most harsh trial and hardship is worried why Aliyev is angry in the current complicated period.