What Is Azerbaijan Quickly Getting Ready for?

    • Comments - 23 October 2017, 22:35
The Azerbaijani minister of defense Zakir Hasanov held a meeting and assigned to enhance the combat readiness of the forces, the possibilities for maneuver, especially of the units deployed at the line of contact, as well as “decisively pre-empt the enemy’s sabotages”.

What is Azerbaijan getting ready for after the meeting in Geneva? Is Azerbaijan’s reference to “enemy’s sabotages” an indication of preparing for sabotages at the line of contacts? It is possible that Baku thereby demonstrates that the agreements reached in Geneva do not mean anything and Azerbaijan does not intend to carry out anyone’s conditions. Moreover, Azerbaijan became convinced at the meeting in Geneva that the Armenian side easily gives up on its own conditions.

As a rule, Azerbaijan refers to “possible sabotages” by Armenians when they get ready for sabotages at the line of contact or in diplomacy.

Three days after the Sargsyan-Aliyev meeting in Geneva an Armenian serviceman was killed by the Azerbaijani shot. The Armenian side has not announced about abandoning the Geneva agreement though it has been officially stated that it is impossible to agree anything with Azerbaijan.

Appeals were heard from the Armenian side at the expert level for punitive actions. But these appeals have not been supported by official circles.

What is the Azerbaijani minister preparing for when he calls the troops to “decisively preempt sabotages”? Is he calling for observing the “Geneva agreements”?