"Agreed Not to Have Victims": Aliyev's Bloody Response to Sargsyan 3 Days Later

  • Comments - 19 October 2017, 23:21
“A few minutes ago my meeting with the Azerbaijani president ended. We have no so-called specific agreements on the options of settlement of the issue. However, we have agreed to take measures to alleviate tension not to have victims at the line of contact. I should say that both the president of Azerbaijan and myself are deeply interested in this,” Serzh Sargsyan said after meeting with Aliyev on October 16 in Geneva.

Only three days later Aliyev killed an Armenian soldier at the border. According to the NKR MoD, on October 19, at around 3:50 pm, Tigran Armen Khachaturyan, 1998, a serviceman of the Defense Army, was deadly wounded by the enemy’s fire in the security area of one of the military units located in the northeastern direction of the Defense Army.

It turns out that Aliyev is not interested in not having victims. This is not something new. This is Aliyev’s only method in any case. After the meeting in Geneva he announced that he will be killed.

Concerns were heard before and after Geneva that by going to that meeting the Armenian government enables Azerbaijan to revive its military diplomacy which had pushed it into a deadlock after the April war and after February of this year. The problem is not that Aliyev did not shoot and was not going to shoot. The problem is that every shot of his worked against him and the concern is that his right is legitimized. After April Aliyev significantly reduced tension at the border because he understood that every shot pushed him deep into the deadlock and solation, which was happening all this time.

Azerbaijan should not be given a legitimate right to shoot under any circumstance, i.e. go to negotiations unless the conditions put forth by the Armenian side and co-chairs are ensured. And these conditions suppose ruling out “the right to shoot”.

Azerbaijan’s latest murder could be a U-turn, at least in the sense that the Armenian side may get deprived of illusions and “arguments”. Whether they negotiate or not, Azerbaijan will continue to fire. The problem is who will be the target of fire.