U.S. "Closed" Artsakh Issue: Armenia's Powerful Response

    • Comments - 06 October 2017, 13:24
The United States and the EU already support Armenia’s position on the Karabakh conflict and its wish to integrate the country with the Euro-Atlantic system of security and communication at an official, not expert level.

The U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson has published his vision on the Artsakh settlement, supporting the Congress on full demining in Artsakh, withdrawal of snipers and use of observation equipment.

The Armenian side has welcomed Tillerson’s statement at the level of the spokesperson for the president of Artsakh.

The EU has revealed its approach to the Karabakh settlement. The EU refuses to recognize Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and include it in the text of the agreement with Azerbaijan, as the Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev stated in his meeting with the European officials in Baku. He threatened to leave the Council of Europe unless the international community includes Karabakh in “post-Soviet conflicts”. The point is about Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova where the West supports the territorial integrity of these countries, blaming Russia for aggression. Karabakh is not on this list.

Next, the president of the Czech Senate visited Armenia who assured that his country does not sell weapons to “dangerous countries”, such as Azerbaijan. It is possible that earlier Yerevan had expressed concerns to Prague on sale of weapons but the President of Senate could not help hinting that other countries sell weapons to Azerbaijan, and they deserve a demarche.

Earlier the Polish deputy foreign minister was in Yerevan who proposed setting up joint defense industry with Armenia based on modern technologies, reminding that Poland is a NATO member state.

Perhaps, Armenia has never been in a better situation with the Karabakh issue, which allows withdrawing the Karabakh issue from the international agenda and raise the diplomacy to a wider, regional level, despite the attempts of certain circles in Azerbaijan and Russia to return “Lavrov’s plan” to the agenda.

On these days, the Armenian parliament is busy ratifying new Armenian-Russian defense agreements. Apparently, Lavrov’s plan is closer to the heart of the Armenian parliament. The members of parliament who voted for ratification yesterday will have to account for their cowardice and fears one day. One day the Armenian public will start asking questions. Get ready.