An Effort to Deprive Russia of Right to Veto: What's Armenia Thinking of?

    • Comments - 23 September 2017, 23:54
114 countries support restriction on the right to veto of the permanent members of the UN Security Council, the foreign minister of Lichtenstein Aurelia Frick stated.

Moscow disagrees to this proposal. The deputy permanent representative of Russia in UN Vladimir Safronkov said any idea on limiting the authorities of the UN SC permanent members is unacceptable. Prior to the UN General Assembly Donald Trump announced his intention to propose a reform of the UN agencies. He invited leaders of many countries to meet and discuss ideas. It is not known what was discussed during the meeting. However, experts note, one of the items on list was depriving the UN SC permanent members of the right to veto.

Russia is against this idea, and experts link this to Putin’s absence in the UN GA. Officially China has not agreed but has not dismissed the possibility either. France made a proposal on depriving the UN SC members of the right to veto in discussions on genocides. Paris insists that in case of crimes against humanity the UN SC members should waive their right to veto.

It is not known whether Armenia has supported the idea of UN reforms. Official Yerevan has never expressed a point on this. Obviously, Yerevan will not go against Moscow but should be aware of its interests. Will it be in line with its interests if Russia is deprived of its right to veto especially in discussions of genocides?

In his speech at the UN GA Serzh Sargsyan said Armenia will come up with an initiative next year when the 70th anniversary of the Genocide Convention is celebrated.

Next year Armenia will take on the chairmanship of the International Organization of Francophonie, and a big summit will be held in Yerevan. It is not accidental that France suggests depriving the SC members of the right to veto when it comes to genocides.

It is possible that Armenia, France and some francophone countries may come up with an initiative for recognition of the Armenian genocide and the rights of Armenians by the UN. This is possible if Turkey fails to ratify the Armenian-Turkish protocols until spring 2018. The ratification will not stop this process though. Serzh Sargsyan has announced at the UN that if Turkey does not ratify the protocols, Armenia will throw them into the paper basket in spring 2018. However, first Armenia needs to support France and other countries which are trying to achieve reforms in the UN.