Lapshin Fired at Aliyev from Lukashenko's Gun

    • Comments - 17 September 2017, 09:32
Photo by BELTA
Photo by BELTA
Leaving for Israel after spending 7 months in the Baku jail, the blogger Alexander Lapshin has opened Pandora’s box and told everything that he thinks about Azerbaijan.

First of all, he dismissed the legends invented about him by the Azerbaijani propaganda. They are about letters in which he writes that Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan, his suicide attempt, after which Aliyev pitied him and pardoned him. Moreover, Lapshin told that they tried to kill him in the Baku jail and called on the Armenians to do everything they can not to let Azerbaijan annex Karabakh again because that would be the end.

Lukashenko who arrested Lapshin in Belarus and gave him to Aliyev for “dinner” actually charged the gun which fired now. Lapshin’s arrest was supposed to create obstacles to visits to Karabakh and insulting Aliyev but his 7 months in the Baku prison were a verdict on Aliyev and his claims to Karabakh.

In fact, Lukashenko did harm to Aliyev, giving him a gift blogger who was unwilling to keep quiet and Aliyev did not know what to do with him for 7 months.

Lapshin’s release overlapped with an international campaign against autocrats. The Foreign Affairs published an article on autocrats with the photos of Putin, Erdogan and Aliyev. It reminds that Aliyev spent billions to buy legitimacy and to promote his interests.

Earlier the U.S. Senate called for sanctions against Aliyev after which the brave leader of Azerbaijan hastily released Lapshin and other journalists and bloggers.

To “decorate” the escape, Aliyev prolonged the deal of the century until 2050 but as experts say the increase of Azerbaijan’s share from 11% to 25% is evidence that the investors did not want to continue their participation in the deal, and Azerbaijan has to cover one fourth of all expenses.

But this will hardly help Aliyev who simply cannot keep up with everything. Recently, the ex-ambassador of Azerbaijan in the EU has announced that Azerbaijan is a pervert sex tourism site for European and other officials. Articles on the untraditional and pervert inclinations of the Azerbaijani leaders will not wait long. Lapshin will tell a lot about life in Azerbaijan, and Lukashenko’s shot hit ten. Of course, it was not worth Lapshin’s lost 7 months and sufferings but such is politics.