A Decision to Blast Azerbaijan Bubble

    • Comments - 09 September 2017, 12:53
The American senator Dick Durbin has proposed sanctions against the government of Azerbaijan. He did this during the meeting of the allocations committee.

It has also been stated that the U.S. Congress has decided to allocate an additional 1.5. million dollars for mine clearance in Artsakh. Some Azerbaijani experts are trying to dig out the roots of the international campaign against Azerbaijan. The impression is that it is intended to force Aliyev to accept some conditions or solutions rather than topple him (he might be needed by many). Therefore, it is possible that the sanctions are adopted, and billions on Aliyev’s bank accounts in Western and other banks are frozen.

In the past 2-3 years Azerbaijan is shaken by domestic and international scandals. The first powerful hit came from the Panamanian scandal, then arrests of Azerbaijani human rights activists and journalists. Three Azerbaijani women were among 20 women who were recognized by the United States for their sufferings in the name of human rights protection.

Then the scandal of the former minister of transport Zia Mammedov happened who was blamed for kickback in a deal with the Swiss company. It smoothly continued into the Israeli scandal when Aliyev was blamed for investing millions of dollars in Israel and bribing Israeli officials. Then another scandal “shot” when the press published that Azerbaijan had insisted that the Israeli military demonstrate the weapons they had bought on the Armenian positions. Israel had to freeze the deal with the company which sold UAVs. There were other scandals, such as the one involving the PACE President Pedro Agramunt, as well as the so-called “caviar diplomacy” in the Council of Europe. This week we had the publication of the results of an international investigation of bribing of European and other officials by Azerbaijan.

Obviously, an image of Azerbaijan is being shaped according to which this country can exist only through bribes because there are no other ways. A decision is in place to blast the Azerbaijani bubble because it is running out of bribe money, the oil.

It is not accidental that Aliyev blamed the British intelligence for everything. Perhaps, the initiative of “leashing” Azerbaijan belongs to London, which is being done with Israel’s help. Aliyev has been shown how narrow his room for maneuvers is and how weak this country’s legal arguments are.

One may be tempted to conclude that Aliyev is thereby forced towards the settlement of the Karabakh conflict. Aliyev himself has announced that he is forced to recognize the independence of Karabakh. However, it is possible that Karabakh is only part of the big package, there is also the issue of Nakhijevan and the blockade.

A “big cleaning” has started in the global politics. On September 25, the Iraqi Kurdistan will hold a referendum. It may be followed by a revision of regional borders in line with the new geopolitics, and Azerbaijan is an obvious object. Azerbaijan has been built on oil. No oil, no Azerbaijan.