Putin Withdraws from Ukraine: Is Armenia the Next?

    • Comments - 06 September 2017, 17:46
The Russian president Vladimir Putin has expressed support to the idea of stationing peacekeepers in Donbas. According to him, in the nearest future Russia will submit the resolution on stationing UN peacekeepers at the line of contact in Donbas for discussion at the UN Security Council. He underlined that the peacekeeping forces should be stationed at the line of contact only and in no other territory, and its activity should concern solely the security of the OSCE mission members.

The idea of stationing UN peacekeepers in the southeast of Ukraine has been repetitively expressed by official Kiev. However, Russia was against because it supposes passing control over the Russian-Ukrainian border to Kiev. It is not known whether Putin’s statement means that Russia agrees to “surrender” the border, hence leave Ukraine (except Crimea). However, it is obvious that a week before the UN General Assembly summit in New York Moscow makes a reconciliation gesture, or more exactly recoils. What does Russia fear and what may await Russia in the summit of the General Assembly. Trump did not mention what exactly it wants to change but its steps and statements allow supposing that Trump will offer to revise the list of the permanent members of the Security Council, which includes 5 countries, including Russia.

American experts have repetitively stated that after the annexation of Crimea and the aggressive actions in the east of Ukraine Russia should not be a member of the UN Security Council. It is possible that Trump will propose expelling aggressor countries from the Security Council. It is not accidental that Russia has reacted negatively to Trump’s initiative, announcing that it is arbitrary.

The United States is intensifying pressure on Russia, and the next step may be the neutralization of Russia in the UN. Russia has already used for multiple times its right to veto in the United Nations. It is true that China’s support is needed for the reorganization of the UN Security Council. It is possible that China has advised Russia to support entry of the UN peacekeepers to the east of Ukraine not to lose its place in the Security Council. Putin made this statement in China. One way or another, Russia has to step back. Russia has already “passed” leadership in the Eurasian Economic Union to Kazakhstan. It cannot resolve Tatarstan’s issues. Muslims went on protest in Russia against the “genocide” in Myanmar. Besides, soon the UN may discuss the issue of withdrawal of Russian forces from Transnistria, and Russia will hardly be able to resist.

Russia’s next withdrawal could be from Armenia, which Russian circles have been warning about regularly. Moscow will hardly be able to hinder the signing of the EU-Armenia framework agreement. And if it does, it will suffer the first.