What Else Will Be Managed Until Last Day of Office?

    • Comments - 21 August 2017, 11:27
During a meeting in Serzh Sargsyan’s office a decision was made to set up a pan-Armenian council during the Armenia-Diaspora Forum. The purpose and objectives were not specified but instead it is clear that like every other initiative by the government, this one is also subject to the goals of the government.

Over the past two years when Serzh Sargsyan kicked off the so-called new political process – the change of the Constitution and governance – a lot of such initiatives have been announced, from the structure of the political field, nation-army to the Pan-Armenian Council. Opinions almost do not differ. The purpose is to give the system a new spirit and viability under the name of reforms.

For its part, experts believe that these initiatives have a purpose of clarifying their own political future and governmental control. He has an issue of internal and external legitimacy of his plans, and these initiatives are based on his “irreplaceability”, which is being generated inside the government and through some mass media.

In this sense, the Pan-Armenian Council is just another initiative. In addition, aside from being a political attribute, it may also have financial and economic purposes. Recently the Pan-Armenian Bank has been liquidated and was transformed into an investment fund. It is beyond doubt that the Pan-Armenian Council and the fund will be “merged”, and Serzh Sargsyan will thus try to create a financial and economic basis for his plans which he currently lacks.

This is going to check and balance the closed investment club of Russian Armenians set up by Karen Karapetyan and Samvel Karapetyan who have made a claim to government. Or rather, it will “neutralize” it, having a pan-Armenian coverage.

Serzh Sargsyan has announced that he will stay until the last day. He is gradually outlining the borders of his future “domain”: security agencies, including the new Security Council, pan-Armenian organizations, which make an almost complete government.

It is interesting to know what other initiatives are expected until the last day of his office.