At Last They Found the Way

    • Comments - 14 August 2017, 15:29
In 2018 the objective of the government will be the main intrigue of the new political season in Armenia. Currently, different scenarios are circulated which are mostly anchored in the absence of an alternative to Serzh Sargsyan in any position, whether prime minister, minister of defense, secretary of the Security Council or president of the Republican Party, as some Republicans claim.

The opposition is also circulating interesting scenarios. For example, if the Republicans win the next elections, it will be better if Serzh Sargsyan becomes prime minister, the first person, and thus assume the responsibility.

In fact, this is a rather rational approach in the sense that according to the new Constitution, the parliamentary majority will elect prime minister. And the Republican Party has almost a 100% majority, including the ARF Dashnaktsutyun and Tsarukyan who are not against Serzh Sargsyan’s appointment as prime minister.

Sasun Mikayelyan of Yelq Alliance and the head of the Alliance of Veterans Razmik Petrosyan expressed similar opinions. Another member of Yelq Alliance Nikol Pashinyan has a different approach. He has announced that it is necessary to fight against Serzh Sargsyan’s appointment as prime minister. Considering the setting envisaged by the new Constitution and the “extra-constitutional” circumstances, it appears that the problem is Serzh Sargsyan, not the Republican majority.

On the other hand, there is an opinion that Nikol Pashinyan’s approach is also rational from the point of view that it allows “sneaking” into the internecine fight and take a role expecting certain quotas.

It is possible that the bid is on the circumstance that if Sargsyan becomes prime minister, the Republican Party will become weaker, will split and will be removed from government over time. It is possible, Raffi Hovannisian would put it. After such “possibilities” the criminal oligarchic government gains a more totalitarian and “refined” nature, considering the previous experience.

In other words, the way of implementation of the “lack of alternative” to Serzh Sargsyan has been found. Apparently, not only the Republican Party needs a leader but also the other forces because the rules of forming government and quotas in Armenia is anti-constitution, and in this case the constitution becomes a stick for implementing and legitimizing these rules.

This is the situation that Serzh Sargsyan described in his famous speech on the role of parties and conditions for appearing in government. The political parties have accepted these conditions, and any development outside this process will be announced marginal or anti-constitutional.