Armenia Started Prompt Analysis of Situation

    • Comments - 10 August 2017, 18:09
The minister of economic development and investments Suren Karayan told reporters after the meeting of government that currently they are analyzing and forecasting what Armenia should expect in the result of the new U.S. sanctions against Russia. Karayan has announced that he does not want to speak numbers until the findings are there.

However, it is interesting to know the reason for such a hurry of the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments. Hardly a week has passed since the U.S. President Trump signed the bill on sanctions adopted by the Congress a week before. And the probability of such sanctions was considered only a few weeks prior adoption. Why hurry and analyze and forecast consequences they might have for Armenia?

Moreover, let several more weeks pass and there will be no need for forecasts: either the consequences will be there, and it will be possible to know more specifically what they will mean to Armenia or they will not be there, and it will be clear that the new sanctions against Russia will have no consequences.

Hence, the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments needn’t have hurried. They should have waited. Time will show whether there will be consequences or not.

To be more serious, a week after the enactment of sanctions the minister of economic development and investments should already have a specific answer to the question whether Armenia will face new consequences or not or what the consequence will be.

The fact that the United States was going to define new sanctions grounded by a law, it was at least publicly known a few weeks earlier. In addition, the authors of these sanctions included Congressmen who are members of the Armenian caucus in the Congress. Hence, Armenia had an opportunity to follow the situation, learn about details and start analysis for several scenarios.

And when the Congress adopted the bill of sanctions, Armenia should have already had a sufficient volume of analysis done and simply identify which scenario would come true when the U.S. President signed the package.

However, it turns out that the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments is still analyzing the possible consequences of the new sanctions on Russia for Armenia.

Perhaps, it would be worthwhile to clarify what sanctions the minister means, the last ones or the ones adopted in 2014.