Qatar and Israel: 2 Interesting Absences on Government's Target List

    • Comments - 08 August 2017, 23:31
A few days ago the Armenian government stated its intention to strengthen the economic component of the foreign policy, defining the list of target directions including 14 countries. The list is interesting not only because it left out all the countries of the EEU except Russia. This is practical evidence that to Armenia the EEU is Russia in the direct, indirect, economic and political senses of the word.

On the other hand, if the EEU member states are not included, it indicates an adequate assessment of the situation by the Armenian government because the EEU is an economic tomb for Armenia rather than a platform for development.

The list of 14 countries is also interesting because it does not include Qatar. Recently Qatar was in focus. The Armenian president visited this country and a few weeks later his foreign minister went there and passed Serzh Sargsyan’s message. The content of the message is not known but in the period between the visits of Sargsyan and Nalbandyan the Arab countries boycotted Qatar.

Is this the reason why Qatar is not found on the list? Or, did something go wrong with Qatar from the beginning. The UAE is on the list and it may cover Qatar, especially that the Armenian embassy to UAE covers Qatar too. At the same time, it is known that the UAE has joined the demarche of the Arab countries against Qatar.

At any rate, it is worth attention that Qatar with its huge investment potential is not included on the list of target countries and is not mentioned separately.

Israel’s absence is also interesting. Recently the Israeli minister of regional cooperation has visited Armenia and signed several bilateral documents on cooperation.

In this case too, the question occurs what failed in the result of the minister’s Armenian visit. What has not been agreed and therefore Israel is not found on the list? Or, is the focus on political, military technical cooperation which will be developing through a different pipe and by other principles?