A U.S. Warning to Armenia

  • Comments - 05 August 2017, 23:34
The U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has visited Estonia, Montenegro and Georgia and passed Trump’s message confirming America’s readiness to be beside its allies in Eastern Europe and protect them from “Russian aggression”.

The American expert Paul Goble thinks that Trump’s message applies to Armenia too but a lot depends on Armenia’s attitude to Russia.

The United States will increasingly look at Armenia through the prism of Armenia’s position on Russia and Russian aggression. If Armenia stands for Moscow, the relations with the United States will hardly increase.

Mike Pense’s visit was followed by a U.S. Congress bill on sanctions against Russia. They are mainly directed at major gas projects which, according to experts, are a serious blow for Russia and will affect its economic and political situation, reducing its possibilities.

In other words, the United States supports its allies not only with statements but also specific action.

The experts have noticed an interesting fact in sanctions. The law is “universal”, its scope and schemes are such that they leave room for maneuver. For example, it allows punishing every country and company which will participate in projects involving Russian capital.

In this way, Russia’s international isolation is deepened, this country is actually separated from international financial flows. In addition, the plan is to squeeze Russia slowly and steadily to reduce the possibility of sudden steps by Russia.

However, this may not be limited to economic projects and the political aspect may be taken into account, Paul Goble says, noting that if Armenia supports Russia, its relations with the United States will not be expanded.

The direction and tendencies of the foreign policy of Trump’s administration are gradually clearing up. It is believed that he will conduct a policy of “self-isolation”, avoiding global responsibility and concentrating on domestic issues in the United States. However, the United States cannot isolate itself because otherwise it will not be able to solve its domestic issues, which is expressed in the actions of the new administration.

Trump has announced on different occasions that the countries which will be beside the United States will have economic development and a high level of security. Mike Pence has actually repeated this thesis during his visit to the countries of Eastern Europe.