Unpleasant Surprise Awaiting for U.S. President

    • Comments - 11 January 2017, 11:06
Donald Trump and the Republican Party

The Democratic Party in the United States remained in government after Obama’s first term. Populism is so important to the public in the United States that it was hard to suppose how the Democrats may leave government.

It took a revolution or rather a conservative revolution to bring the Republicans to government. The nomination of “regular” candidates would lead to failure of that idea. It was necessary to put forth the populism of the Republicans in answer to the populism of Democrats but such a combination is hardly possible in the U.S. history, and currently it is practically impossible.

After the highly unpopular tenure of George Bush it was hard to imagine what would become the basis for the populism of the Republicans. The Republican candidates were interesting and did not compare to Trump.

The elite group of experts which has always worked with the Republicans has concluded that the party’s candidates have little chance for a political victory. It was clear that victory took not Republicans but something strange that could be presented as a Republican.

One should remember that Jeb Bush had called Trump non-Republican. Soon all the candidates stepped back, and Jeb Bush did not repeat his statement.

The Bush family could withdraw their candidate only in one case: the prognosis did not allow for a chance in this situation. There was one more circumstance: the Republicans hated the Democrats so much that they were ready for a lot to win. Donald Trump is not a Republican, simply he was so ready to get accustomed to the format of the Republicans that there were no issues aside from several circumstances of which the primary one was Trump’s wealth and his entourage comprising billionaires.

Trump built and redesigned his business all his life, and in his respectable age he cannot forget about those businesses and leave it to do politics. However, it is hard for Trump to make decisions even on economic issues.

Trump is making strange proposals on the main issue – the transatlantic economic union – some Republicans speak against. Transatlanticism, like any other economic doctrine, cannot be banned fully, only partly.

The economy of the United States and Europe comprises several clusters some of which support transatlanticism, others do not. This issue should be dealt with in terms of a bloc. Besides, this idea is simply deadly for some European countries, quite harmful for many spheres of a small sector of the U.S. economy.

The urge to eliminate social programs, especially in the spheres of education and health, does not reflect the social state of the American society. Rejection of these programs will cause mass protests, and this is already a reality.

Trump preaches archaic and meaningless theses of oil extraction and using oil and coal, regardless of serious air pollution in the United States. How will the American society respond to such a u-turn?

Perhaps the only issue that Trump puts forth is to face the migration wave which is destroying America.

Vice President Pence is a more experienced and political person than Trump and apparently he will have to deal with the political developments. The person who holds the position of the vice president in this administration is highly important but there are already some administrators and politicians who excel the president and are ready to conduct a genuine Republican policy.

They are experienced but not prominent politicians. Moreover, practically all the appointees have a negative attitude to Russia which Trump “likes” so much. Even Tellerson is known in the elite circles as a politician who is supposed to attack Russia politically.

Trump was fully supported by the military, and the problems with the special services indicate that Trump is trying to trade with them, having the support of the military. Currently there are problems with appointments, there are also people who are unknown to Trump with whom he had not dealt earlier.

The union of “realists” and “neo-conservatives” is a demonstrative example of the readiness of Republicans to unite their efforts to apply their own methods and approaches in politics.

However, the problem is not the selection of candidates and political line. All this is imposed and means nothing by itself. Why? Trump’s team is funded not by Trump but by a circle of Republicans who are currently seen in the American establishment as marginals.

This is a rather strange notion but the “marginality of the establishment” does exist and is playing a significant role in the American policy – such is America to date.

The main outcome of the process of integration of the Republican Party was the perception of the military that the left liberal ideology of the Democratic Party leads the United States to many concessions, pacification of foreign policy, a lack of its clear understanding.

However, this is not the main issue. Obviously, Trump’s ideas and expressions do not match the opinion of his “team” which is increasingly gaining a classic Republican nature. Moreover, the “team’s” opinion is more radical, and Trump looks like a patch compared with many members of that team.

Trump needs to make a big effort to restrain his group which intents to intensify the blockade of Russia and lead it to the state of a dependent country with an impoverished population. Soon the points of view on making big money in the Russian market will become meaningless.

Russia could only be treated as an enemy. Many people in Trump’s “team” will soon become his opponents, and this will become an important circumstance in the American politics.