What Unexpected May Happen in April?

    • Comments - 10 January 2017, 13:01
The parliamentary elections are on 2 April 2017. On 2 April 2016 Azerbaijan attacked Karabakh. This is a sacral day, both a drama and a breakthrough.

On the one hand, it is a tragedy: loss of over 100 young men, mutilated bodies of the killed, 800 hectares of land were lost. On the other hand, Azerbaijan was not able to change the status quo that formed after the first war even with Russia’s help, and most probably will not be able to.

Setting the date of elections on April 2 is symbolic. There was a breakthrough in Armenia on April 2. It turned out that strong sprouts of sovereignty are growing in an almost hopeless colonial country, which enabled getting over it. However, the wind is blowing stronger and the roots of the statehood are not deep enough and need protection.

The April 2 election will be a primitive fight for the majority of its participants for a place at the feeder. However, in the world they expect something else from the elections. Will it be possible to strengthen the roots of the sovereign statehood or will a “consensus” be reached over giving away the sovereignty for the feeder?

The political forces that are faithful to Russia are artificially circulating the thesis that “brotherly” Russia and the “hostile” West are fighting for Armenia. In reality, the fight is between Russia’s colonial policy and Armenia’s sovereign instincts.

This fight should become the core of the parliamentary elections. The entire world is waiting for the results of the elections. The EU and Armenia have agreed to sign a framework agreement though the text, they say, is almost ready. Apparently, it is important for Brussels to know what Armenia will choose – sovereignty or colonization. Iran has also set the date of signing the free trade agreement with Armenia in April. Tehran wants to know what Armenia will choose.

What will happen on April 2? What outcome do the global centers of power expect and what unexpected things may happen in the elections?

The applications for participation in the elections have been submitted, and all the forces are trying to bypass the issue of foreign political “bias”. The ideologists of the Republican Party have announced that there is no need to focus on foreign policy, and the opposition alliance “Yelq” has announced that it believes in sovereignty and prefers not to speak about the foreign political choice.

It will not be possible to speak about foreign policy, and every political party will have to present its vision of the future of Armenia in the region and the world and the vision of relations with Russia. Where is the red line of relations with Moscow which does not hide its expansionist goals and calls Armenia an area of its influence? Will the army of Armenia remain sovereign or will they give it away “for the sake of security” too?

The April elections will be sacral indeed. On 2 April 2016 Armenia stayed on the political map of the world as a sovereign country at the cost of over 100 lives. The elections of 2 April 2017 the elections will not be less important, and the cost will rise.