Cards Laid on the Table

    • Comments - 27 December 2016, 01:05
Moscow is looking for new tricks to influence the outcome of elections, and apparently some political strategists, including the honest friends of Armenia, have not found anything else but turning the NATO issue to a core issue in the political fights and arrangement of forces in Armenia. Apparently, this has been the pass of the group of stakeholders in Yerevan.

In addition, not the virtual field of the internet has been chosen for the discussion of this issue but a geographical place, Moscow. While the controversies between the government and the actual opposition have been discussed in this field, it is strange that these two political groups have accepted the rules and scheme with pleasure.

While Serzh Sargsyan, having become Moscow’s favorite, practically has not responded to this trick of political strategy, his opponents decided that things are moving along a dangerous path and have moved on to an attack, fearing oblivion, evidence to which is the sudden drop in the rating of the opposition.

It is interesting that now the cards are laid on the table, and the “anthological enemies” - the Americans – have been shown who is with who and where they are going. Of course, the “pro-Atlantic” and the “pro-American” self-sufficiency of both Serzh Sargsyan and the opposition leaders is as suspicious as their ability to conduct a systems foreign policy but it is obvious that Serzh Sargsyan has been turned to a pro-Western alternative or rather alternative-free political figure, and he has consciously accepted that game, it is in line with his interests.

At last, the Armenian setting has put forth an “officially declared agent” of Atlanticism or rather an “agent but not Atlanticist”.

However, in this situation it is important to remember and mention everyone who has visited NATO HQ and Pentagon, trying to get the support of these two “sacral” institutions. In the past few years Levon Ter-Petrosyan became an outsider in the Atlantic vector of the Armenian politics though all this is subject to external questions and interests.

Despite his “new” relations with the Americans, Serzh Sargsyan will remain in the pro-Russian field, and Levon Ter-Petrosyan is doomed to “pro-Russism”.

The question occurs whether the actual and actualized Armenian politicians are capable of being “Atlanticists”, “Americanists”, “Eurasianists”, “Europeists” and other similar things.

The Armenian political elites are invented, and they are not capable of acting in the political sphere. Different groups wear false masks, mainly under the influence of receiving grants.

There are lots of “politicians” who want to appear as pseudo-Western politicians. They have succeeded in agreeing with the government, even on getting seats in parliament.

In fact, the Armenian elite is devoted to the Russian interests. This circumstance should be taken into consideration both at present and in the future.