Does Armenia Promise Support to Syria for Recognition of Armenian Genocide?

    • Comments - 30 November 2016, 00:24
The vice speaker of the National Assembly Edward Sharmazanov met with members of the Syrian parliament Omar al-Arabi and Alan Bakeri on November 29.

Sharmazanov assured that the Armenian members of parliament are ready to uphold a peace settlement of the Syrian issue on international platforms. In answer to this the Syrian MPs said the relevant committees of the Syrian parliament are discussing the issue of recognition of the Armenian genocide, the official message runs.

The Syrian issue, as some western media claim, may be resolved by the Obama administration before Donald Trump’s inauguration. The sources note that Secretary John Kerry is trying to achieve an agreement with Sergey Lavrov and signatures. A lot of analysts link the change of the situation in Eastern Aleppo with the existence of a Russian-American agreement.

Each of the sides, however, is trying to solve issues in their favor.

The main issue is whether it will be possible to retain the territorial integrity of Syria. Russia claims this. The United States is speaking about the inevitability of federalization of the country more frequently.  The visit of the Syrian members of parliament may be part of the political lobby of Syria and Russia. Syria is trying to get the votes of friendly countries for its territorial integrity.

In answer, Damask is ready to recognize the Armenian genocide. Syria may do it despite its currently bad relations with Turkey, which has invaded Syria. If Egypt should also discuss the issue of the Armenian genocide, the two Arab countries may appear among the countries which have recognized the genocide.

It is hard to tell what it will bring to Armenia but there is no need to give one’s vote to others on international platforms. The recognition of the genocide is important on the condition that Armenia will conduct a sovereign policy.

And if the Armenian policy is directed by Moscow, the recognition of the genocide will not be legally binding. Armenia has not put forth any legal claims to Turkey after the recognitions by the European Parliament, the Pope and a lot of institutions and countries. It has merely declared itself a flagship global movement against genocides. That’s it.