The Act of Handover and Acceptance: Who Backs Prime Minister?

    • Comments - 26 November 2016, 14:27
Experts are discussing the membership of Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan to the Republican Party. Opinions differ, some people refer to Karapetyan’s membership as if he has committed a crime. Others are trying to find the one who has “persuaded” Karapetyan to join the RPA.

To find out where Karen Karapetyan’s roots start growing, we need to find the answer to an important question – what Serzh Sargsyan will be doing after the elections. Does he intend to remain in top leadership (the status is not important) or is he preparing to leave? The next question depends on the answer to this question. The next answer is whether the levers of power are in Serzh Sargsyan’s hands or has he “given them up” already?

The former dissident and political prisoner Azat Arshakyan believes that Serzh Sargsyan does not intend to remain in politics. According to him, Sargsyan does not state clearly about it not to create chaos and uncertainty around himself.

Political strategist Armen Badalyan thinks that the power is being transferred from the president to the prime minister. However, he believes that the handover and acceptance is under Moscow’s control. Moscow changed the government in Armenia 7-8 months ahead of the elections, appointing Gazprom’s top manager, Badalyan thinks.

The question on whose “guy” Karen Karapetyan is, Serzh Sargsyan’s or Moscow’s does not have an answer yet. There is an opinion that Karen Karapetyan is not an independent actor, he is guided and it is necessary to find out who is guiding him.

If Serzh Sargsyan is leaving indeed, it is possible that he has “chosen” Karen Karapetyan from several “candidates” offered to him. Who is offering candidates and are the arguments of several experts that Karen Karapetyan’s appointment will further “tip” Armenia towards Russia true? The proposal on renaming the Americano coffee to “Russiano” “completes” these arguments.

Some experts refer to Karen Karapetyan’s membership to the Republican Party as an attempt to “discredit” him and make him obey Serzh Sargsyan or the “politburo”. Others think that thereby someone has placed the Republican Party under Karen Karapetyan’s full control. And the Republican Party which supported the “both” policy will soon become radical pro-Russian.

One can judge by specific steps as to which experts are right. If we do not pay attention the PR, the steps indicate that Karen Karapetyan is not living up to the public’s expectations. Will he live up to the expectations of the people who have favored his appointment and are gradually transferring power to him?