Armenia Found the Way of Leaving EAEU

    • Comments - 20 November 2016, 00:23
The deputy minister of economic development and investments Hovhannes Azizyan stated in a joint meeting of advisors from Armenia and Russia how Armenia imagines the EAEU. According to the deputy minister Azizyan, Armenia sees the EAEU not as a closed market but an economy aimed at the foreign market. According to him, this requires competition outside the Union, not inside the EAEU member states.

Judging by the perceptions about the EAEU, the Armenian Ministry of Economic Development and Investments should be renamed again to Ministry of Development of Police Satire. And if Armenia also points to one competitor of the EEU outside the Union, it will be possible to declare Armenia as the regional center for development of political satire.

Because, if the perceptions about the EAEU are not satire and joke, Armenia will become the regional center for political insanity when it sees the EAEU built around Russia which was inflated with the oil and gas needle and was deflated after the fall of prices in that market as an external competitor.

One interesting question comes up. Are foreign investors listening to these statements by Armenian officials or not? If they do, there can be two scenarios of their response. If they appreciate the political satire, Armenia will stand a chance to grow attractive for investments at least through humor. After all, an international investor may have a great sense of humor and appreciate the humor of the Ministry of Development of Political satire and offer partnership.

However, the investor may also perceive Armenia’s ideas about the EAEU as an expression of political insanity. Of course, the investor will not turn back in the middle of the way but, at any rate, the international investors should perceive Armenia’s perceptions about the EAEU with a sense of humor.

If they are interested in these perceptions at all, of course. At least, Armenia has been announcing to the world for several years that it is a bridge to the EAEU but nobody seems interested in that bridge.

It is interesting to know about the reaction of the Russian President Putin, the godfather of this organization, especially against his idea about replacing imports. The EAEU is armor for Putin, a closed market where he intends to build a barricade in the conflict with the West which will enter into a deeper and more fundamental stage even despite the unhidden of the Russian propaganda about the election of Donald Trump.

Russia has been caught in the trap of its propaganda. Moscow understands that it has no political hopes in the confrontation with the West. They rely on propaganda and military blackmail in different regions. In terms of propaganda, the Kremlin expected Hillary Clinton’s victory to point to fraud and to bring new blood to the anti-American propaganda that mobilizes the Russian community. However, Trump won whom Russia planned to present as a victim of fraud. Now Moscow is the victim of Trump’s victory, and is caught in a trap. Moscow is receiving unpleasant news about the new administration from Trump’s camp.

Here is an interesting situation. Either Putin gives up or continues to smile to Trump but squirms inside, including with the EEU. In the first period, the second option is possible, which means that the EAEU will remain an armor for Putin, a closed market where the purpose is to survive.

In this situation, Armenia’s perceptions about the EAEU may make someone laugh but there is also a small hope to cause anger.

In addition, it is ruled out that Armenia’s perceptions rely on that small hope. Unless the Armenian leadership is politically insane, it knows that Armenia’s chance is to escape the closed market or camp of the EAEU as soon as possible. It is not accidental that after the meeting of the prime ministers of the 170 million market in Moscow the Armenian prime minister returns to Yerevan and instructs to increase Armenia’s presence in Iran.

However, with such perception the Armenian leadership does not have the political will and sovereignty to do that. Apparently, people have chosen a wily option – to state such perceptions about the EAEU that contradict Putin’s perceptions and problems causing so much anger that he will simply decide to discharge Armenia from the EAEU.